The only thing to reflect is behind.

Seeing sharply and clearly, is more important than ever in a world of electronic displays, TV´s, monitors, digital signage, operating panels, instruments and many more.

The well-known antireflective coating LUXAR® already used in many technical applications like displays or digital signage got even better. Our innovative engineers further developed the coating to reach a new generation of properties. The new LUXAR® NG combines minimal light reflection and outstanding surface mechanics.

Invisible excellence you can feel.

LUXAR® NG coated glass products can be processed like normal display glass (cutting – edge finishing – bonding). Moreover it is laminatable, thermal temperable and printable.

With a reflection of < 0.5 % per coated surface, mirrorlike effects will be suppressed and therefore LUXAR® NG coated products are almost invisible.

Key Attributes: 

  • Enhanced surface slip and haptics
  • Better legibility of content
  • Enhanced coating resilience
  • Easier processing and tempering
  • Better surface caracteristics after tempering
  • Colour neutrality
  • Long durability
  • Best optical performance