Technical Applications

A clear technical vision depends on the right type of glass.

Nowadays, glass is not only used for architectural applications; there are also many technical sector applications. Our LUXAR® reflection-free glass is used wherever clarity is required – such as in dashboard panels in the automotive industry and in the use of monitors and displays. Our LUXAR® anti-reflective glass gives a clear view of instrument panels in cars, trains and airplanes, making a key contribution to transport safety as a result. Beamsplitter glass, which both reflects and transmits light, is used in the television sector, particularly in the manufacture of teleprompters.

Short Lead Times

Our deep expertise in the area of anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass makes us the point of contact for both internal and external Glas Trösch customers from all industrial sectors. As part of the Glas Trösch Group we are used to thinking large-scale, meaning we are able to handle extensive and complex orders quickly and reliably for external customers too. Delivery from stock and relying on our international distributors help us in supplying you with our special coatings within the shortest of timescales.

Innovation through dialog

Our products offer huge potential. We will be pleased to discuss their technical details and application areas with you on a one-to-one basis. Only by constantly engaging in dialog with our customers can we judge what product features are important to you – and which glass best suits your needs. Last but not least, consulting our customers enables us to find out where a particular need for a new product exists, so we can respond to new market requirements.