Architectural Applications

The first boundary that brings people together

Light, air and sun was once the progressive statement of the architectural movement in the 20s, which influenced both interior as well as exterior design. It describes a basic human need that still moves many architects and interior designers – even if the language has changed a little since then. As ever, it is about creating a bright and friendly interior climate without subjecting it to direct sunlight or the gazes of curious onlookers. A wish that our range of anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass can fulfill – from toughened/tempered glass, through double glazing, right up to bullet-resistant glass.

The quest for nothing

While transparency and simultaneous protection against the sun’s rays may have been contradictory terms at the time of the construction of Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace in London in 1851, today HY-TECH-GLASS presents a selection of glass products that combine a high degree of transparency with optimal solar-protection and heat-conservation characteristics. Thanks to our LUXAR® reflection-free coated glass, it is possible to create transparent architecture that looks almost weightless - architecture which, in memory of the great architect Mies van der Rohe, is seemingly made out of nothing and where less is certainly more!

Discovery of the material

Whether a high degree of transparency, or an idea for a reflective space is driving your design, we will do everything to help you realize your idea. After quickly assessing the feasibility of your product, it will quickly become apparent what type of glass will meet your needs and what material costs you can expect. Spurred on by the aim of strengthening your design concept, we continually strive to bring innovative new products and applications to your attention, as well as to highlight constructive alternatives.