The sheer variety of our product range inspires architects, event organizers and product developers

Glass is one of the earliest materials used by mankind. Based on a deeper understanding of its chemical components, industrial production techniques were applied to glass at the beginning of the 20th century and developed the physical properties of glass further to make it suitable for specialized applications. For decades Glas Trösch AG has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of glass processing, glass production and glass treatment. Architects, event organizers and product developers value our expertise as consultants and as a source of innovative ideas.

The qualities that bring us together

All three of our business divisions benefit from Glas Trösch AG’s decades of experience and its product ranges that have consistently delivered innovative ideas to the construction, exhibition design and technology sectors. HY-TECH-GLASS belongs to the Glas Trösch Group and is one of the most respected and most innovative manufacturers of anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass products used in construction, television-industry and instrument-panel glass applications. Thanks to their specially treated surfaces, HY-TECH-GLASS products fulfill a host of aesthetic, functionality and safety requirements.

A reliable partner for our customers

To enable architects, event organizers and product developers to experience the inspiring effect of our anti-reflective glass and mirrored glass products for themselves, we invite our customers to learn more about the range of surfaces, colors, sizes and technical characteristics available to them via Internet, on site or at one of our Glas Trösch partners’ facilities. We’ll be pleased to discuss your specific plans personally with you and to offer you individual advice on the ideal glass for your project. Following discussion we’ll naturally be happy to provide you with original samples of your chosen glass solution at up to 1:1 scale.