All you need to know about LUXAR® Classic


LUXAR® Classic is your first choice for picture glazing and display-cabinet glass. Its practically reflection-free, very low-iron glass enables you to enjoy the full beauty of colors with no color shift, offers high UV protection and allows you to see the exhibit in all its glory with no reflection. Typical applications include:

  • Museums and Exhibitions (picture glass, display cabinets)



The combination of various thicknesses and formats allows you to use LUXAR® Classic in a variety of ways for exhibitions and shop fitting applications.

2–3 mm  (monolithic glass or 2-2-1 laminated glass) max. 1900 mm x 1605 mm / 1900 x 3210 mm

Cut to size and special glass thicknesses upon request.


To achieve the maximum anti-reflection effect, LUXAR® Classic is coated on both sides of the glass.

Single glass (both sides) and laminated glass < 1,0%.


Low-iron glass provides the basis material for viewers to enjoy the full beauty of colors with virtually no color shift. 


Handle LUXAR® Classic with care and store glass with its protective film still attached, in an area protected from sunlight. Damage can be avoided by keeping supports, layers and suction tools clean. During installation, remove any traces of sealants right away. It is essential that you keep other building material such as lime or cement away from glass surfaces, as these binders can harm the coating. If the glass does get dirty, wash away any spilled material with plenty of water and avoid rubbing the material, as dirt grains may scratch the glass.

Further information can be downloaded here.


To ensure your LUXAR® Classic glass stays clear, it should be carefully and regularly cleaned. We recommend using a soft cotton cloth, or a sponge and plenty of water. If needed, non-abrasive, neutral detergents can also be added to the water.

Further information can be downloaded here.

ISO standards

Our LUXAR® Classic glass is tested and certified to meet applicable ISO standards.

ISO standards.
Abrasion ISO 9211-4
Adhesion ISO 9211-4
Humidity ISO 9022-2
Temperature ISO 9022-2
Solvent stability ISO 9211-4

Delivery formats

LUXAR® Classic glass is available packed in wooden cases. The following case sizes are available depending on the glass thickness you choose:

2 mm           60 sheets / case
3 mm           42 sheets / case
2-2-1 laminated glass    28 sheets / case

In addition to this, LUXAR® Classic glass can also be supplied in card boxes:

2mm x 5 sheets (950mm x 1475mm) per box – 15 boxes per case